5 ways to drink gin
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7 June 2024

5 ways to drink gin

In honor of World Gin Day, we’d like to introduce you to 5 ways to drink gin (in order to make a change from the usual Gin & Tonic). While we have nothing against this cocktail, which has proved its worth over the years – sometimes simplicity is delicious – we feel that gin has much more to offer. So, here are a few ideas of classic cocktails, created long ago! 

1.  The French 75

Named after a French cannon known as the “soixante-quinze” (seventy-five, in french) during the First World War, the French 75 is a mixology classic to this day. While the association between a weapon and a cocktail may seem odd, it turns out that the cannon was a military tool that instilled confidence in the victory of France and its allies: it was a frequent topic of conversation among the French. As for the French 75, many mentioned that its execution had to be as precise as that of the cannon to be as great a success.  

This is the perfect cocktail for sparkling wine lovers, as it’s combined with gin, simple syrup and lemon juice to create a delicious blend. 

Discover this recipe with a fruity twist, with our Black Currant French 75. 

2. The Tom Collins

While French 75 has its origins in France, those of Tom Collins are not so clear-cut. Some claim that an Englishman named John Collins developed the recipe in the 19th century, using Old Tom gin. However, others claim that the cocktail was named after Tom Collins, a fictional New York character whose name was frequently used as a popular hoax, making people believe that this man had insulted them behind their backs. 

Whatever the real story, the Tom Collins is a timeless classic. Requiring few ingredients, it’s a simple, refreshing cocktail that doesn’t disappoint! To try it, all you need is gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and sparkling water. Don’t know how to make simple syrup? We’ve got an article about it 

To discover our recipe, the Skating Collins, click here! 

3. The Negroni

Legend has it that, after discovering gin during his travels in London, Count Camillo Negroni asked a Florentine bartender to swap the sparkling water in his Americano for gin. Little did he know that this new take on an Italian cocktail would be such a success. 

The Negroni is an elegant cocktail containing only three ingredients: gin, red vermouth and campari, all in equal parts. 

We also have a recipe of this type, named The Count of Noroi, in a nod to this story.   

4. The Gin fizz

Similarly to the Gin & Tonic, we owe the Gin Fizz to sailors! Back then, in order to prevent scorbu and malaria, a good dose of vitamin C was essential. So, lemon was an important ingredient to have aboard. However, as it is a perishable ingredient, it was mixed with gin. Sailors took a liking to it, and over time, added sugar and sparkling water. Later, in New Orleans, a bartender by the name of Ramos added egg white to create a creamy foam on this famous cocktail. He was the first to offer a variation on the cocktail. In a burst of creativity, the bartender even added cream to his recipe, creating a popular cocktail named Ramos Gin Fizz, still served today. 

A classic gin fizz contains gin, lemon juice, granulated sugar and sparkling water. 

Parce qu’on aime faire les choses différemment chez Noroi, notre recette a une petite touche spéciale: on y trouve de la liqueur de citron et notre émulsifiant végane. Si vous êtes curieux, découvrez notre Fizz au citron! 

As we like to do things differently at Noroi, our recipe has a special twist: it features our vegan foamer and lemon liqueur. If you’re curious, check out our Lemon Fizz!

5. Le Clover Club

The Clover Club is a cocktail named after a gentlemen’s club dedicated to discussing current affairs. They would meet at Philadelphia’s Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in the late 19th century. The Clover Club cocktail was created especially for them. A few years later, the recipe was popularized in New York, before Prohibition. It wasn’t until the ’90s, however, that some mixologists began serving this pink cocktail again, making it more popular than ever before. 

To prepare this classic drink, you’ll need gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and an egg white (or Noroi foamer). 

To try a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail, check out our Clever Club recipe! 


Did any of these recipes intrigue you? Each of them has a fascinating story to tell, plus they’re all delicious! 

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