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Gin aux petits fruits du Québec de Noroi Noroi's Quebec wild berries gin Émulsifiant végan Noroi Noroi vegan foamer Dry gin Noroi

Why Innovation?

What distinguishes NOROI is our desire to innovate and offer delicate, sophisticated, and unique products. We wish to use our knowledge to create spirits that reflect our passion. Discover our broad selection of products made in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Noroi's Aperitivo Aperitivo Noroi

Our Spirits

At NOROI, there's something to suit all tastes. Discover a complete range of products that distinguish themselves with complex and delicate aromas, pleasing the finest connoisseurs. Build cocktails that highlight your creativity and let yourself be inspired by our products’ flavours.

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Gin à l'érable Noroi Noroi's maple gin
Havana: Prêt à boire sans alcool au mojito à la framboise Havana: non-alcoholic raspberry mojito ready to drink

Our Ready to Drink

Discover an unmatched offer of spirits that are ready to drink. With or without alcohol, with no added sugar, and made with real Quebec fruit juice. We wish to offer practical and flavourful products.

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Prêt à boire Cosmo Cosmo ready to drink
Cocktail Bleu gin bleu

Our Bitters

As their name suggests, bitters are made with concentrated aromas. The objective of using bitters is to enhance the flavours of a cocktail by adding a touch of bitterness. Every flavour within the offered product range of NOROI has been created to be used with a precise type of cocktail. Designed by macerating fresh fruits and our mix of home spices in alcohol, our bitters all have a very unique aromatic signature.

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Amer à l'orange Orange bitters
Émulsifiant végan Noroi Noroi vegan foamer

Our Foamer

Vegan, odourless, flavourless.

We have created a vegan foamer with no preservatives, making it the best option to replace egg whites in your creations. Odourless and flavourless, just add a few dashes to your cocktail mix, shake well, and serve. You will amaze more than just a few of your guests!

Esprit-d'Italie: Spiritueux sans alcool à saveur d'aperitivo Esprit-d'Italie: non-alcoholic aperitivo-flavoured spirit

Our Alcohol-Free Products

For us, innovation comes from the desire of offering never seen before products that answer your needs. Our wide range of alcohol-free products offers an alternative with no compromise on taste. Offered in multiple practical formats, they are perfect for all occasions.

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Brise-glace: prêt à boire sans alcool au gin-tonic Brise-glace: non-alcoholic gin-tonic ready to drink

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