By using our unique glass still, we are able to distill our spirits at temperatures below 0 °C. Different from traditional distillation where heat is applied on the mixture to extract flavours from the evaporation of the maceration, cold distillation allows the mixture to evaporate while preserving its taste. Consequently, we’re able to work with ingredients that are too delicate to be used in a traditional distillation process where their taste would be either lost or altered. This is why we frequently work with fresh ingredients such as citrus peels.

A vacuum still reduces pressure by creating a vacuum during distillation. This makes it possible to control the boiling point of the mixture. This specific process allows the master distiller to select ingredients normally altered by heat and to design original products.

NOROI is inspired by its glass reactor who’s often called the King of the North, considered to be one of the most performing technologies in the world. As it’s made to distill below 0°C, we are able to perfectly extract aromas. This combination of the North and the King is the foundation of who we are: distillery NOROI.”

No! The distillation process only extracts the aromas from the ingredients we use. Hence, our spirits represent no danger for people living with celiac disease. However, if you’re strongly intolerant, we recommend to be careful while consuming our products and start by testing a small quantity.

All you need to do is add a few dashes in your shaker while preparing your cocktail. As it’s sightly less effective when mixed with very acid ingredients (lemon juice, lime juice, etc.), you may need to add more foamer.

In fact, our product is alcohol-free! When below 0,5%, a beverage isn’t considered to be alcoholic under the law. Thus, it’s not mandatory to indicate the alcohol percentage on the product. But we love details, and have made the decision to indicate it regardless, so that the consumers can judge if they want to consume it or not. An enormous quantity of Brise-Glace would have to be consumed by an individual to be able to detect alcohol in his body. Refer to a medical professional for any further questions.

The Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) doesn’t allow shipping spirits at home. Consequently, we can only sell our bitters, our foamer, and our alcohol-free spirits since they aren’t considered as alcoholic beverages.

Our products are available at the SAQ, directly at our distillery, or on our online store.

From Monday to Friday, 9h00 to 17h30
From Saturday to Sunday, 10h00 to 17h00

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