About Us

Distillation, our passion

NOROI is defined by the subtility and precision of cold distillation. Partnered with a passionate team that is constantly looking to push its limits. Our tailored glass reactor allows us to preserve the most delicate aromas that would be lost or altered in a traditional distillation process. Our unique and complex products come from the use of this technology and our meticulous ingredient selection. Therefore, allowing us to provide you with sophisticated and above all, innovative products!

Our technology, what sets us apart.

Being able to offer unique products is what we are most passionate about. Using our high-end technology laboratory gives us an almost infinite range of possibilities in terms of research and development for new products. For instance, we can rapidly and efficiently test ideas never before tried.

Our founder

Jonathan Robin

President and Founder

With a deep interest for spirits, Jonathan has always been fascinated with innovation by distilleries from all over the world. His objective: make Quebec shine internationally.

After 20 years in the field of real estate, Jonathan leaves everything to start NOROI distillery in 2018. With a master’s degree in business administration and a certificate in corporate governance, Jonathan is the pillar of this new distillery.

Our equipment

The King of the North

Glass reactor allowing cold distillation, 60 litres.

The King of the North, the first and only 60-litre glass still used to distill spirits. Requiring its own distillation technique, it is designed to perfectly preserve the freshness and subtelty of the ingredients.

The result of two years of research and development, its unique design creates an absolute void, and lowers the boiling point of the mixture of water, alcohol and herbs to temperatures below 0°C. Unlike the traditional method, the cold distillation process preserves molecules that are sensitive to heat. Our high-performance spiral condenser system, cooled with liquid nitrogen, allows us to avoid an alteration of the flavours and to capture the subtleties found in our ingredients.

Nothing escapes the vigilance of the King of the North. All the flavours are in the bottle, for a product with unparalleled quality and complexity.

The Queen

Barison, 1 500 litres

The Queen is used to make finer spirits. Its rectification column allows us to reach a high alcohol level and develop spirits from grain to bottle such as a whisky. Just like The Prince, we can control every aspect of our recipes and production.

The Prince

Barison, 1 000 litres

The Prince is mainly used for the distillation of powerful spirits such as gin, which leaves a juniper flavour in the inner tank. Its steam heating technology evenly distributes the heat for an effective distillation. Hence, we are able to create smaller lots of products that are exclusively sold at the distillery.

The Jester

Dragon, 50 litres

The Jester is raw creativity. It helps us to experiment, imagine and invent unique recipes. It is responsible for many innovative products developed for the greatest pleasure of connoisseurs. Some of our current products have gone through this process several times to reach their high quality level.