There’s a Noroi for every occasion
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27 June 2024

There’s a Noroi for every occasion

With its warmer weather, lovely terraces, spontaneous barbecues, camping adventures and pool days… summer is full of opportunities for sipping cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Our philosophy on ready to drink beverages

Have you hopped on the ready to drink trend? While we enjoy using our mixology skills to concoct the occasional homemade cocktail, there’s no denying that ready to drink beverages are just as practical as they are tasty! They require no preparation and are easy to carry around for a variety of occasions. There’s a good reason they’ve made their way onto grocery store and SAQ shelves in recent years! 

Got your Noroi?

Because every occasion deserves to be celebrated in its own way, we invite you to savor the small and the big moments all summer long. 

A vodka soda on the boat, a peach sangria at happy hour, an alcoholic iced tea while camping, and why not a non-alcoholic raspberry mojito at the office? Every occasion has its Noroi. 

It’s with this concept in mind that we’ve made all our decisions for the summer season. Why not make it a giveaway as well? Once a month, one lucky person will win a selection of 24 ready to drink cocktails. To win this prize, all you have to do is post a photo of or a story of yourself on Instagram using the hashtag #JaiMaNoroi. Between now and August 2024, we’ll select a random winner among the posts using the hashtag. The winner’s post will be republished on our Instagram page and the person will be identified in our publication. 

Now that’s a delicious way to enjoy summer!