Le Millésime : A New Gastronomic Restaurant In Saint-Hyacinthe
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22 July 2021

Le Millésime : A New Gastronomic Restaurant In Saint-Hyacinthe

Starting today, a new gastronomic offer will be available in Saint-Hyacinthe. The Millésime is a restaurant that focuses on serving a tapas styled cuisine at the heart of Saint-Hyacinthe’s downtown.

On the menu: a meal card that will vary across seasons and according to the chef’s inspirations, a privately imported wine card made by experienced sommeliers, a craft beer card, and a selection of sophisticated cocktails.

With only 1 000 square foot (including the kitchen) and about 40 seats, the restaurant will rely on quality products, a warm atmosphere, and a gastronomic offer that can’t be found somewhere else in Saint-Hyacinthe.

« With the unfortunate closing of many good restaurants in Saint-Hyacinthe during the past few years, we wish to bring people together in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere to discover gastronomic dishes. There certainly is a wind of change in downtown Saint-Hyacinthe and we wish to be one of the pioneers that will set the tone for its development and growth. » explains Jonathan Robin, owner.


Because we have local consumption at heart, growers and suppliers have all been chosen with close attention while creating the menu:

« Buying local ingredients was a key element for us since the beginning of this project. The objective is to present products that are made in Quebec without altering them. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen for its freshness. » explains René Chenard, executive chef at Le Millésime.

Therefore, the menu can be defined as original, sophisticated, and over everything, diversified. Fish, seafood, wagyu, wapiti, seasonal vegetables: the 17 dishes in the menu – including 3 desserts from Pâtisseries de Mel – will certainly please every palate.

A tailor-made wine card

The wine card includes our team favourite privately imported wines with biological, biodynamic and vegan options, in combination with wines from local producers. The selection will often change, depending on the availability and the meals offered.

A signature cocktail card

Offering a variety of classical and revisited cocktails, Le Millésime’s cocktail card combines quality products, up-to-date recipes and local spirits such as NOROI products.

Craft beers and special editions

It is the team behind the microbrewery Le Bilboquet that manages the new restaurant. As it is next door to the BilPub, they share the same kitchen, but Le Millésime has its own service team. « We had a fourth section in the Pub for group rentals. However, we couldn’t use it during the pandemic. We took the opportunity to use the closing period of bars and restaurants to make major renovations in our kitchen. Hence, we thought it was the perfect occasion to offer something new in downtown Saint-Hyacinthe. Through the whole process, we were happy to support local entrepreneurs and manufacturers. » explains Jonathan Robin, owner of Le Millésime and Le Bilboquet Microbrasserie.

With this association, it was natural to include Le Bilboquet’s beers on Le Millésime’s beer card. While clients will have access to BilPub’s beers on tap, they will also have the opportunity to drink special edition and barrel-aged beers that are produced in very small quantities and are unavailable in retail sale. « We have been working on Le Millésime for a long time and since then, we save crates of specialized beers for the restaurant. » explains Marie-Ann Bélanger, manager of the BilPub and Le Millésime.

During the next few months, the team has the intention to build a beer card that will we exclusive to the restaurant. Therefore, clients will have the occasion to drink beers from other microbreweries that are difficult to find through conventional distribution channels.
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