The trend of the moment : Ready to drink cocktails!
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28 July 2022

The trend of the moment : Ready to drink cocktails!

Ah the infamous ready to drink cocktails! A simple, yet delicious product that keeps on getting more popular by the years.

Whether you drink it on a camping trip, on a chill night with friends, at the beach or on an outside expedition, ready to drink cocktails are a must for summer. While being convenient and refreshing, it gives you the opportunity to easily have a tasty cocktail on hand at any given time.

Here at Noroi, we want to offer a wide and diversified range of products, while being attentive to the trends. So we decided to develop 7 with AND without alcohol ready to drink cocktails, based on our spirits and natural ingredients. You can detect all the good taste of the fruits we used and the alcohol, without them being too sweet.
Because our ready to drink cocktails are all unique, Noroi is the distillery that has the most diversified offer in that type of product. That’s something to be proud about!

With 4 regular ready to drink cocktails and 3 non-alcoholic, there is something for everybody!

So here they are:

A delicious sparkling and 7% cosmopolitan, slightly sweet, made with our vodka, orange liqueur and real cranberry juice.

Simple, light, no added sugar and with delicious lemon & lime taste.

A 7% cocktail, fresh with a great lemon taste, with tequila, gin, vodka, rum, orange liqueur and cola aromas.

All the good taste of the classic cocktail, with a subtle sweet finale from real Canadian maple syrup.


And the non-alcoholic:

A flavourful, fresh, and light virgin raspberry mojito.

A classic sweet and bitter Gin & Tonic, without alcohol.

A tasty, complex and non-alcoholic bitter spritz.

With or without alcohol, this summer, we are all about the simplicity of the ready to drink cocktails!