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28 March 2022


It’s well known, at Noroi Distillery, innovation is at the core of our process when it comes to elaborate new products. Our founder, Jonathan, had this idea of using maple syrup as an alternative to granulated sugar for a while now. We first launched the maple liqueur, and it was a real success. Then, a year later, we launched our maple gin which became as popular as the liqueur.


The interest for the maple syrup first came from the objective of revaluate products from Quebec’s heritage. After all, Quebec is well known for all its local producers that give us high quality products, so why not encourage them! For all our maple products, we do business directly with the gaspesian producer, Ma Cabane en Gaspésie.
Our wish to create products made with real maple syrup also comes from a desire to find a natural and vegetal alternative to white sugar, usually used in the making of our fruit liqueurs. We now work with an organic product while showcasing this delicious maple derivative!

With the maple syrup, our liqueur is light, rich and smooth, and our gin is discrete, herbaceous with a subtle sweet note. Both are absolutely delicious on the rocks or in cocktails.
For recipes ideas, it’s here!


The use of maple syrup didn’t stop at the spirits. We had the crazy (but very delicious) idea of coming up with a new ready to drink cocktail, which will be available in the next few weeks at the SAQ; the Maple Amaretto Sour. You’ll taste a great acidity coming from the classic cocktail, mixed with a sweet ending flavour of Canadian maple syrup.
Hurry up! It’ll be available for a limited time only.

To the biggest fans of maple, these three products will become your next favourites!